Rated Voltage [V] 48V 48V 48V
Capacity [C10][Ah] 100Ah 120Ah 150Ah
Length [mm] 620 mm 620 mm 620 mm
Width [mm] 585mm 505mm 585mm
Height [mm] 272mm 359mm 359mm
Electric Characteristics
Voltage Range [V] 42V-54 V 42V-54 V 42V-54 V
Charging Voltage [V] 54V 54V 54V
Charging Mode CC/CV CC/CV CC/CV
Max Charging Current [A] 20A 24A 30A
Max Discharging Current [A] 20A 24A 30A


6-GFM-XFC series floating long-life LA battery for telecom is a high-tech product, which developed independently by COSLIGHT. It can be widely used at I or II class power supply areas with no air condition or air condition of setting high temperature. E.g. long service life and saving electrical costs of air condition for operator.

Product Composition

Floating Long-life Battery

6-GFM-XFC series adopt lead-calcium alloy material with adding corrosion-resistant X additives, which improves decay resistance performance of grids greatly.

The battery adopts positive active material additives and electrolyte additives, which can reduce water loss effectively.

The battery adopts high elastic superfine fiberglass separator, which can retain the moisture of electrolyte.

Thereby floating life of 6-GFM-XFC series gets improved greatly.

Advanced BMS

The battery adopts advanced BMS unit, having warningfunction to over-discharging, over-charging, over-current, and protection function.

Optimization and management to the battery charging and discharging.

Remote monitoring to the battery running status through GPRS.


Compared the previous generation VRLA battery, the floating life of the 6-GFM-XFC series can be raised more than 70% under the management of BMS in Class I power supply areas at 25℃.

When maximum temperature is less than 40 ℃ with no air condition, the floating life of the 6-GFM-XFC series can be equal with that of the previous generation VRLA battery at 25℃.

There is no need air condition when using this series battery, which can save a considerable expense of electrical costs.

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