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Battery Model Nominal Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) External Dimension(mm) Weight (kg)
1hr 3hr 10hr Length Width Chamber eight Total Height
6-GFM-38C 12 22 29.3 38 257 166 172 176 17.0
6-GFM-50C 12 29 38.6 50 322 167 170 176 21.5
6-GFM-65C 12 37.7 50.1 65 288 171 216 227 26.5
6-GFM-80C 12 46.4 61.7 80 377 174 217 227 33.5
6-GFM-100C 12 58 77.1 100 407 174 216 227 37.0
6-GFM-120C 12 69.6 92.5 120 497 203 225 247 51.0
6-GFM-160C 12 92.8 123.4 160 497 259 224 247 65.5
6-GFM-200C 12 116 154.2 200 497 259 224 247 72.5
Characteristics of 6-GFM(C) series
1.Low maintenance
The series of battery use corrosion- resistant lead-calcium alloy for the grid and superfine glass fiber as the separator, with the technology of oxygen recombination at the negative electrode, which makes the battery sealable . Regular addition of water and acid is unnecessary during its whole life of service.
2. Safe and Reliable
The function of safety valve is effective for a long time , which not only sets free the gas produced in the battery, but also prevent the external gas and flame,from going into the battery causing self-discharge and explosion.
3. Low self-discharge rate
Since the battery is composed of special grids with lead-calcium alloy and the electrolyte with control led rate impurities, it has a low self-discharge.
4. Reliable sealing
German resin with ABS is used for corrosion resistant sealing with high toughness and no leakage of acid.
5. Low internal resistance
Since the electrode plates, current correctors, and grids are designed reasonably and the resistance of the separator is low, the discharge performance of the battery at higher electric current is very good.
6. Effective capacity restoring
The battery has good grids, special electrolyte additive, and has been manufactured with reliable processes, so the fully charged battery’s capacity will not be apparently changed after deep discharges.
A. Installation
1.Check tile mount of batlerics and accessories according to the packing list in the box after unpacking the balteries. Please contract with Post Sales Service Center through dialing +86-451- 6667868 immediately if there is a lack of batteries or accessories.
2.Please clean and polish the terminal by brush made of steel wires so than t the resistor of the connector to be lowest before connecting.
3.All batteries leave the factory wilh electric charge. Prohibit short circuit, and mount by iso]ative tools to avid an electrical shock during the process of mounting.
4.Afler finishing connection of the batteries group, check the total voltage of hallery unit and putting of the poles to prevent from reversing the pole.
5.Disconnect batteries and power supply to prevent the batteries over-discharging seriously even discarding as useless if dell not power on immediately after finishing connection the batteries group.
6.Check the fastening screws for connecting batteries or output terminal to prevent froml false connection resulting the connection voltage over drop even burning batteries at higher current.
7.The charging equipment has the capacily to restrict the currenl at constant voltage, with regulalor precision reaching +1% when charging.
B. Work condition
1. The service life at ambient temperature i.e.15-25℃ is longer (coslight battery can work at –40--50℃)
2. The charge equipment can charge at constant voltage with an accuracy of 1%.
3. Coslight batteries can be installed horizontally or vertically.
1.If it exceeds (2.24+0~m ) x nv/cell * 25~C.(n refer to the number of celles )the total floating charge voltage should be adjusted or the batteries' life will be adversely affected.
2.The floating charge voltage of single cell should be checked once a month and the records need making carefully. If the differential of floating charge voltage of single cell exceeds 0.05V/cell after it is used for six months, please contact the manufacturer.
3.The joint parts should be checked once a year. The loosed connection should be deal with as soon as possible.
4.The longer service life can be achieved if the balteries are used at the ambient temperature of 15~C~25OC,GFMseries of batteries can work under the condition of -40~C-50~C.
5.Neither Over discharge (discharge voltage lower than final voltage) nor over charge(charge voltage higher than floaling charge for a long time)should be allowed. The batteries should be charged immediately after their discharge or the batteries' life will be adversely affected.
Time, voltage, current and temperature should be recorded at every time of discharge.
6.Not organic solvent but the soap water is permitted to clean the surface of the batteries .The dry cloth easily producing electrostatic should be avoided.
7.If the batteries need to be stored, please disconnect the connection among the charge equipment and the loads. The surrounding should be kept cool, dry and ventilated.

D. Store and transport

1. Be careful to avoid short circuit of batteries during their transportation and installation, as they have been charged before leaving the factory.
2. Avoid bumping and humidity during transport, load and unload the batteries.
3. If the battery needs to be stored, the place for storage should be cool, dry and ventilated.


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