SEO in WordPress

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Websites are invariably set up to either promote or sell a product or a service which is why websites need to be optimized regardless of the platform they are built on.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is better defined is the process of influencing the visibility of any website so that it moves up in search engine ranking of pages quickly. The advantage being that once a website is visible on earlier pages the probability of visitors accessing the site increases. One of the more popular options is ‘wordpress’ which finds widespread acceptability worldwide.

Why Wordperss ?

SEO in WordPress is the new buzzword in the technology space. This is not surprising considering the fact that it has numerous advantages. One of the major advantages of using wordpress as a platform for designing and launching your website is that it is simple to optimize. This is attributable to the fact that wordpress has a wide array of inbuilt SEO features like blogroll and ping backs.

Blogroll is more commonly known as ‘links’ and is a list of links to different blogs and websites. On the contrary pingbacks are like an alert which lets you know that another site is linking back to you.

Way Forward with SEO in wordpress

Once your website is configured and is ready to launch it is important to validate and check the code. This is a critical task because if your site has some compilation errors the ‘spiders’ will not ‘crawl’ your site. The outcome is that your page ranking will be slowed down or will be less effective. One of the commonest mistakes which first time web owners make is that of constantly customizing their website for uniqueness. Instead of improving website ranking this can in fact damage the inbuilt SEO features in wordpress and should be avoided.

All said and done content is still the most important feature for any website which wants to enhance visibility and ensure return visitors to the site. Concurrently the ‘spiders’ will return to ‘crawl’ and thus page ranking will continue to improve hence ensuring higher visibility and increasing visitors to the site.

Media or text which is good ?

One of the commonest debates is whether to use more of media or of text for your website. Although use of media undeniably enhances the impact of the site it is not very effective from the SEO perspective. The reason is that search engine algorithms do not identify media and can only read text.

Finally those seeking to enhance their business by the effective use of a website will need to exercise caution. The preferred platform is word press and those who use more of text content which is constantly updated cannot go wrong!


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