Do You Consider Search Engines While Blog Post Writing?

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In today era any website called successful only if it gets position in first 10 results of the google search results because People don’t concern other results as useful. So if your website getting that position from other thousand of website you are in luck.

But getting first position in google search results not such an easy task. It requires little effort while writing on any topic. As we all know google gives high priority for content. So from SEO(search engine optimization) point of view we should keep some points in our mind.

But before learning about SEO writing skills, let’s have a quick look on SEO

How SEO works?

Search engine is like a machine which crawl your page. It works as a human but after all it’s a software program which contains thousands lines of code written by a programmer.

This software program has some rules defined for itself which works on some syntax and semantics. If any webpage accomplish all the syntax it will automatically get high weight age from all other similar pages.


How I can make my blog SEO friendly?

Search engines are raising their algorithms to improve their quality output for their visitors.

So here I am defining some SEO tips which are very effective from SEO point of view.


1. Find a keyword around which you are writing your post

Always write around the keyword or topic of your interest.

2. Define that keyword as a tags in your blog

Tags are small links to various keywords which belongs to different page inside your blog. Search engines give priority for these keywords while searcing so always define your keyword in post tags

3. Make keyword as bold inside the post

Keep your keyword bold inside the post.

4. Keyword should arrive as H1, H2, and H3 in post.

Search engine give priority keyword written in H1, H2, H3 tags so always write your keyword in H1, H2 but only once.

5.      Use Platinum SEO pack plugin for your blog.

Platinum SEO pack is best plugin available for SEO. Inside its options define description about your post with keyword. And user tags as meta keyword for post.

If you follow above simple rules for your blog it means you are getting automatically priority from other similar websites and blog and your blog will soon appear in first 10 results of google search results

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    Extremely beneficial posting. I just bookmark your blog plus would like to say that I have really appreciated while reading your content. Thank you for spreading the information with all.

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