Choose a Niche before starting new blog

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One of the commonest reasons for starting your own blog is more than self – actualization; it is rather about making money. The daunting challenges for a potential blog owner are choosing a niche before starting a new blog. The practice of choosing a niche which is high in competition or generalized in scope is one of the costliest blunders that the new entrant can make.

Although a generalized and popular niche will also make money, however the process is slow and the amount of work that this would require can be intimidating at times.


The common practice is to instinctively opt for a niche which you have a passion for while market dynamics dictate that you should opt for a niche which has the highest probability of making money. This continues to be a debate considering the fact that those supporting passion over money may be idealistically correct when it comes to enjoying the task of updating and writing quality content. On the contrary those who would like to choose a niche which makes money may not find the domain all that enjoyable.


The advantages of passion selection notwithstanding, the niche selected may not have many takers in the market. To illustrate while I may enjoy blogging about race track construction, there may not be many people interested in reading about it! On the contrary if I should want to talk about how to make money online while investing just one hour a day, I would definitely have many more content views every hour!


Those selecting a niche because it makes money may be correct when it comes to future outcomes but the potential blog owner may not even be interested enough to update the site on a regular basis. The outcome would be a few panels put together and which begin to stagnate and drop in search engine ranking due to the indifferent approach of the blog master.


The solution then lies in identifying an array of money making options and then zeroing in on one that holds your passion, even moderately but keeps the cash register ticking.

Conversely opting for a pure passion niche selection has some distinct limitations when it comes making money. To further elaborate considering the fact that there may not be many people sharing your passion you may find it difficult to sell your product or services making your wordpress blog redundant. The myth that some would carry is that they can make money from site advertising needs to be busted.

This is evident from the fact that the amount of revenue generated is a function of the number of page view that your wordpress blog gets; this in turn is dependent on the interest that your site generates. The mantra then is to identify a niche which holds your interest even moderately but entices visitors to visit your site in large numbers.

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