Top 10 Free wordpress themes of 2012

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The market is replete with a range of options when it comes to wordpress themes. These are best classified as Premium and free wordpress themes. While Premium comes for a price and may well provide regular updates. On the contrary the free options are not lacking in functionality and convenience either. The top 10 free wordpress themes of 2012 include:



Top 10 Free wordpress themes of 2012

This is one of the most vibrant when it comes to wordpress themes for they come with a plethora of user friendly features regardless of whether it is featured images or even hover animations that you are looking for. The more technically oriented would find the design code in HTML mesmerizing.



Top 10 Free wordpress themes of 2012

When it comes to ‘Convention’ there are few parallels considering the fact that it comes through as a solid groundwork theme. Used in combination with some spectacular creative design options this is one variant which is an asset for the new age clean blogger.


Top 10 Free wordpress themes of 2012

Discussion is inarguably in sharp contrast to Convention for it can emanate strong likes or dislikes in the user depending on individual preferences. Inspired by a ‘pin board’ design format replete with a quote box and an image slide show it finds appeal with those seeking a unique design with specific features.


Top 10 Free wordpress themes of 2012





If you are a start-up business seeking online presence but money is a constraint then this is the theme of the day for you. If you are looking for professional aesthetics with widget portfolio options Skylark will not disappoint.

Twenty Twelve


Powered by the creative genius of Drew Strojny, Twenty Twelve finds widespread appeal among first time bloggers. This could well be attributed to the highly response design architecture of this unique wordpress theme.

V Card


Designed for the more discerning business traveller who can now substitute the more conventional business card with the web card which comes equipped with the business vital stats for the potential client




An image is worth more than a thousand words and the creators of Fotokoo understand that better than most. The name is suggestive considering that this is the perfect platform for showcasing photographs at leisure and comes with adequate space availability below each photo for descriptions which may want to include.

Box of Boom

The name is misleading for that is the name of the site for which it was originally designed for. This is one theme which apparently draws inspiration from the better known Twenty Eleven theme. Predictably this three column wonder is simple yet functional when it comes to design aesthetics


Designed by none other than the designer of Buttercream, the maverick has been at it again this time with Pachyderm. Trendy and colourful it comes with an image header which is flexible and backgrounds which can be customized to perfection.



This one is for creative minds like photographers, artists and designers comes replete with contact forms support options and breadcrumbs. Stirpefolio has been known to find instant appeal and has little competition in the domain vertical that it operates in.

Finally 2012 is the year of the ‘boom’ when it comes to free wordpress themes and if you are seeking options there is one for your needs for predictably one size cannot fit all!



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