Embedding Youtube Video in wordpress

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Now a days video speak more then words so bloggers are increasing inserting their youtube videos for reference, Embedding youtube video in wordpress is quite hectic task for beginner users of the wordpress. They copy code from the youtube and then paste that code in the post of wordpress.

In this tutorial I will guide you how you can easily embed youtube video in wordpress post.

You can do this in simple way by following below steps.

1. Download Youtube plugin from here

2. Install Plugin from wordpress plugin option.

3. Activate plugin.

4. After successful installation Go to Posts -> YouTube Profiles

5. Define Tag Name.

6. Setup video size400 x 355

7. Save profile

8. Find a YouTube ID

  1. The ID is presented last of a YouTube URL:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= YjYT5OLoR8U
  2. Put in a post or a page
    Put tag name and YouTube ID together and place it in a post or a page.Example:

9.   Insert into your post.

10. Congratulation you have successfully embedded youtube video in your blog.

Youtube Video in wordpress


I hope that this tutorial will help you to insert Youtube Video in wordpress post in easy steps. Share and enjoy if you think that this tutorial help you by pressing share button.

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