Manage Users in wordpress

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In this tutorial I will explain everything you want to know about how to Manage Users in WordPress, if you are the only owner of your blog then there is no need to use this functionality but if you want to introduce more people in your blog to write for you then you will need this functionality. WordPress is multi-user platform system where you can create multiple users for different roles.

To understand this functionality lets take some examples ,

1. You are collaborating with multiple writers and you want to pay them on the basis of articles they are writing in a month, in that case you can create those users accounts in WordPress they can’t modify other authors articles but they have full modification access to their own articles.

2. You are outsourcing your blog maintenance service to any other company or individual user, so instead of sharing your blog credentials to that person or company you can create separate account for that user.

3. Limit comments to registered users.

I think it is much clear now that how we can use Users functionality in WordPress,

As we have already seen different roles within WordPress, lets see what users roles available in WordPress

Roles in WordPress:

  • Administrator :Administrator role is top of the all roles in WordPress, He can perform all tasks in WordPress, He can change theme, install plugin, manage other users etc.
  • Editor :  Editor can edit all posts in wordpress with writing and publishing post on your wordpress blog. Editor can also approve of comments. An Editor cannot make changes to the theme, plugins or even change role of a particular user.
  • Author : Author role can write and publish post on the blog but he can’t approve and modify comment on blog.
  • Contributor : Contributor is another role with less functionality on your blog, He can comment and write a post on your blog but he can’t publish post. All post written by the contributor goes for approval.  They saved as pending which can be Published only by Editor or the Administrator.

Add User in WordPress:

A user can be added in wordpress by filling below screen from Users-> Add New option menu.

Manage Users in wordpress

Delete User in WordPress:

User can be deleted in wordpress using following screen

Delete user in wordpress


That is all about Manage Users in WordPress. I hope that you now understand how you can benefit from this functionality if you are planning to increase number of contributor in your WordPress Blog. You can read detail roles information from WordPress Documentation Roles and Capabilities.

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