How to Optimize Permalinks in WordPress

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In this Tutorial I will explain you How to optimize Permalinks in wordpress for search engine optimization. Pepople generally don’t take this very seriously while working with their blog but it is really very serious thing for search engine optimization. so first we will learn what is permalinks.

Permalinks in wordpress

When we install wordrpess first time on our server it show url in address bar in a manner where ? comes with some number as shown below (a)

now look in to this url

I think that second one is looking much better then first one and it is search engine friendly.  There are various advantage to use optimized permalinks in wordpress.

    1.  User know descriptive details about the page from the URL.
    2. User know where they are on your site.
    3. Search engine really like if you have your main keyword in your url which can help you from SEO point of view.

How to change Permalinks structure

You can change your permalink structure using below steps.

  1. Login to Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings->Permalinks.
  3. Choose any settings from as shown in below screenshot. But for best results copy below in your custom structure text area.
  4. Optimize Permalinks in WordPress
  5. Most recommended permalinks structure is “/%category%/%postname%.html

Optimize Permalinks in WordPress

You can also customize your post permalinks by editing url while editing your post. you can remove any irrelevant text from your post url and make it more search engine friendly.

As you can see in above screenshot. we can edit the url by clicking on Edit button which is quite straight forward. you should keep your title longer for users but short your url for search engines.

I think now you have better understanding of permalinks in wordpress and now you know How To Optimize Permalinks in WordPress. so work on your blog and start using search engines optimized permalinks. you can read more about permalinks from WordPress codex.


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