How to install W3 Total Cache

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Nowadays, WordPress is in demand, and people are almost using this CMS platform for their websites. The main concern is the speed of a website built on WordPress. Users of WordPress constantly face this critical problem of delay in page loading, and for this they try out various plugins to enhance the performance of their website. The best way to enhance the overall performance of your website is W3 Total Cache plugin, which is by far the best plugin for enhancing website’s performance. The main issue is configuring this plugin, because most of the options are not so easy to understand. Therefore, we have created a detailed step-by-step configuration guide, so that you can easily learn from this. In this tutorial you will learn How to install W3 Total Cache.

Step 1: installing W3 Total Cache

Installing W3 total Cache is just like installing other plugins. First, you will have to deactivate all the other caching plugins, which you might have activated before this. W3 Total Cache might not work properly, if other Cache plugins are activated on your website. After deactivation of other Cache plugins, click on the plugin icon, and then go to ADD NEW button. In the search box just type “W3 Total Cache”, you can now see the plugin. Then just click on install and your plugin will get installed instantly. After installing the plugin, just activate it.

How to install W3 Total Cache

One you have activated the plugin, you can see an option named as menu. Click on that menu, and then you can see performance option. Once you have clicked on performance tab you will enter the configuration section of W3 Total Cache.

Step 2: General Settings

General Settings


After you have entered the PERFORMANCE are, just click on general settings and disable the preview options. This option makes sure that you preview the changes; by disabling it you are making sure that all the changes are not just previews.

Deselect W3 Total Cache

Then after that you will have to open the page Cache section, and then enable it. This makes sure that your page loading time is decreased incredibly

How to install W3 Total Cache

Step 3: optimizing the minify option

Now coming to the next section, this is known as “Minify”. This section is used to reduce the overall size of the various CSS files and HTML files, so that your page is not having extra space, which degrades the performance. Once you enable this option, your website’s performance will increase by up to 10%.



Step 4: configuring the database cache

Now that you have configured your MINIFY option, you must optimize the database cache too. This means that your database queries will work faster, and when there is too much traffic, your website will not crash. This increases the overall performance of the website incredibly. Just enable the DATABASE CACHE option and this plugin will optimize your website’s database.



Step 5: Object Cache for dynamic websites

Nowadays, people are always keen for dynamic websites, but these websites are extremely slow, because of bigger CSS codes. To optimize such websites one must enable the OBJECT CACHE option too.




These are the options available in General setting options, but now you will have to proceed to PAGE CACHE section to optimize it further.


Step 6: optimizing the entire page cache section

Once you have moved on from general settings you can visit the “Page cache section”, where you will notice a screen with several checkboxes. On the main page you will have to check the first three options and leave the fourth option, as shown in the given picture.

How to install W3 Total Cache


These are the options available in General setting options, but now you will have to proceed to PAGE CACHE section to optimize it further.

Step 7: configuring the minify section

Once you have completed optimizing the page cache section, you will have to configure the minify section. Just follow the screenshots, and check the boxes appropriately as shown in the picture. All the options can be easily understood.

How to install W3 Total Cache


All the other settings in W3 total Cache plugin should not be changed. Most of the default settings are already done correctly to optimize your website.

Before you proceed with all these steps, then make sure that you are saving all the setting after the changes have been made. If you don’t do it, then you might end up losing all the settings, and you will have to do it all over again. Make sure that you follow these instructions properly to get desired results. Monitor your website’s performance by using online tools. You can surely notice huge difference in your website’s performance after configuring W3 total Cache.


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