4. What are Category and Tags in wordpress

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This tutorials will guide you what are Category and Tags in wordpress. In Order to understand what are categories lets go through the real scenario of news paper.


Category in wordpress


As we can see when we read a news paper, we read news from different areas like Political News, Sports News, Education News, Global News, War News etc.. Just imagine what will happen if all news publish on a single page of news paper. It will create some type of mess right ?

So news are divided in various sections call Categories as per their atttributes. All Political News goes in Political section on Page 5 and so on same rule apply in wordpress. WordPress provide us a functionality where we can divide our post or articles in different section.


How to Create Category in wordpress

As you can see in above screenshot a new category can be created from the Posts menu > Categories.  Write the name of the category slug of the category. select parent category name and click on Add new Category button.

Category Slug

Category slug is search engine friendly name of your Category which appear in address bar. so if you have WordPress Beginner Tutorials as Category then wordpress-beginner-tutorials will be slug of this category. you can notice that wordpress replace space between words with   which make url search engine friendly.

How to Delete Category in wordpress

If you want to delete any previously created category it can be deleted by hovering over on Category name on Category list page as shown in below screenshot

Delete category in wordpress

Tags in wordpress

Tags are similar to categories in wordpress but they are more specific to the post. A single post can have multiple tags and a single tag can be added to multiple post. so in simple words Tags reference same type of content from different post or content. for example you can see bottom of our blog which contain a tag cloud which I have for my blog. you can see there there is one tag called WordPress beginner Tutorials which is not a category but it is related to all post which some what similar to wordpress beginner tutorials topic.

How to add Tag

A Tag can be added from Posts->Tags as shown in below screenshot

I think now you have basic understanding of What are Category and Tags in wordpress. so go through with them and explore more about them. you can also find details in wordpress documentation

Happy Blogging !!!

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