5. Media in wordpress

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This tutorial will guide you about Media in WordPress. In order to understand what is Media and How it is used. lets first understand what is Media.

Media is any Image, Video, Recording or any file which is some what related to your blog. Media can be added to your wordpress blog while writing new post or new page. Lets understand how we can add media in wordpress blog. how to upload image. how to use same media on different place etc.

1. Media Settings in WordPress

Media related settings can be changed from Settings->Media in wordpress admin panel. You can read our 3. Dashboard menus in wordpress tutorials if you face issue to get this option. As you can see in below screenshot you can manage various options from Media settings page such as

Image size : Define Thumbnail image size

Embed settings : Embed size can be defined.

Uploading files : Path for image upload directory

 Media in wordpress

2. Upload Media in WordPress

Any media in wordpress can be uploaded using various methods.

  • Upload from Media->New
      • upload-media-in-wordpress
  • Upload Media while writing post or page
      • As you can see in below screenshot you can click on Add media button while writing post. It will open another window where you can upload file. multiple files can be added at once by dragging them to window layout.
    •              add-new-media-in-wordpress

3. Delete Media in wordpress

Media in wordpress can be deleted by hovering your mouse on to that media in Media->Library as displayed in below screenshot.

Delete Media in wordpress

4. Edit Media in wordpress

As you can see in the above screenshot when you hover you mouse hover media it gives you an option to Edit that Image. when you click that link it open a window where you can edit below things for that image

1. Title

2. Alternate Text

3. Caption

4. Description

you can also edit that image by clicking Edit Image button which will open below panel


I think now you have basic understanding of Media in wordpress. so go through the media section and explore more about them. you can also find details in wordpress documentation

Happy Blogging !!!

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