1. How to setup a free blog

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In this tutorial we will tell you How to setup a free blog.

Blogging is niche market now a days this is a useful way to manage your content and earn some profit if you want to do so. what if you don’t know about the computer but want to Publish your own Blog.

Is this really so difficult to setup a Free Blog ?

Answer is absolutely no. it is very simple and easy task to setup a Free Blog. I found WordPress For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
book very useful when my dad asked for me to give him a book about blogging

There are various blogging solution provider company available over the internet using them you can

Setup your first Free Blog.

My Dad being basically computer illiterate a short time ago.

I wrote these instructions for him and he had had no major problems setting up a blog.

Following are the some easiest steps to Setup a Free Blog :

1.Find a free blogging service. there are various blogging service provider but I reccomend www.wordpress.com. as we know they have search engine optimized service so it is very easy to come in search engine lising. They have simple and easy to follow instructions). Now follow the instructions on the start page.

3. Now open up the create new post in your new blog and write new post. Now publish it.

Congratulations you have now Setup a Free blog.

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