8. How to install Theme in wordpress

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In this tutotials we will learn how to install theme in wordpress. But first understand what is theme

What is Theme

In Simple word Theme is a bridge between your wordpress blog content and user interface. It is a way to skin your blog or website  to make it presentable. in wordperss defination we can also say that Theme is a collection of files that works together to produce a graphical user interface.

Install Theme

WordPress provide a way by which you can install your own theme files in wordpress when you setup your web blog on your own server. you can follow below steps to install theme.

  1.  Login to your Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Appearance-> Themes
  3. Select Install theme from Top sub menu
  4. Search for any Theme as shown in below screenshot.
  5. Click on Preview button to preview theme before applying to your blog.
  6. Click Activate.

how to install theme in wordpress

Installing Theme Manually

There are various installation method in wordpress. You can also install your wordpress theme manually using your ftp server. follow below steps to install manually.

  1. Login to you ftp server
  2. Navigate to Wp-content/themes folder
  3. upload your theme file downloaded from wordpress theme repository
  4. Login to your Dashboard.
  5. Navigate to Appearance-> Themes
  6. Activate your new theme from Available theme option.

Manage Theme

You can install as many as theme you want and change them later. You can manage your installed theme by visiting Appearance->Theme section. it will open a panel like below.

as you can see from above screen shot it shows your installed theme at top and available themes at botton. you can preview any theme from the available themes. WordPress 3.01 provide live preview option where you can change contain and see how it looks before activating your theme.

So that’s it, you are done!

Finally, if you need some customization for your theme, you can contact us for your theme development. we can edit a WP theme for you or make a completely new custom WordPress themes design for your needs.

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