10. How to Backup WordPress

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In this tutorial we will learn How to Backup wordpress instance.

There are various methods available to backup your wordpress instance but as beginner you should go for automated backup option instead of any manual system.

you can backup your wordpress instance in two way.

1. WordPress Database Backup.
2. WordPress Theme,plugin files back up.

so lets have a look one by one.

1. WordPress Database backup

WordPress save every information in mysql database for future use so it is mandatory to take backup of your wordpress database at regular interval. There is very good plugin for this purpose WordPress Database Backup. You can backup manually or you can install it in cron job mode where it will backup automatically. you can follow below steps to create your first backup.

1. Login to Dashboard.

2. Install wordpress plugin

3. Activate this plugin

4. Navigate to Tools->Backup menu it will open window as shown in below figure.

5. Click on Backup Now.

How to Backup wordpress database

you have three option by which you can take backup as per the below screenshot.

1. You can save directly on your server.

2. you can take download backup to your computer.

3. You can email your backup.

backup wordpress database

2. WordPress Theme, plugin files back up

It is also require that you should backup your theme and plugin files at regular interval because some time hacker attack on your wordpress core files and it is quite difficult to go through every file and remove infection. you can follow below steps for detail instruction.

  1. Open FTP for your wordpress installation.
  2. Connect to your server using any ftp client. i.e. filezilla
  3. copy your wp-content directory to your local sytem using any ftp client.

As you can see from start to finish whole process take only 10 minutes so we think that you should follow above steps for your blog to avoid any inconvenience if somebody attack on your blog.

if you find you lazy then we are always here to help you. You can grab our wordpress support plans anytime.

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