7. Page in wordpress

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This tutorial will guide you about Page in WordPress. In order to understand how to write Page and How it is used. lets first understand what is Page in wordpress.


Pages are static content of any blog. These are used to show content which is generally static for your blog. So if you want to show Contact us,Privacy policy, Terms and conditions in your blog you will always create them as page in wordpress.

Same as Post Menu, Page is another Dashboard menus in wordpress which follow same layout as Post. When you click on Page menu it shows you all page of your blog as shown in below screenshot.

Page in wordpress

Create new Page in wordrpess
A new page can be createed using Page->Add New link. It will open a new layout same as post layout shown in below screenshot

Page in wordpress

The First textbox is used to specify the Title of your Page. For Example if you want to create a new page called Contact us then you will enter Contact us. Just below it we have permlink.

Permalink is url which we want to show in address bar. It can be different from the title if we require.

Just below that there is large panel which is used to write your content. it has two different mode.

  • Visual Mode : visual mode is used to create content in visual mode. it is a WYSIWYG editor instead of html.
  • HTML Mode : this mode is for advance users where they can apply custom style and html.

You can apply various options related to the formatting using the toolbar which is just above the editor like microsoft word.

After writing the content. we have various options which is related to Page publish setttings. you can publish your page using the publish button available in right panel.

I hope you have learned how to create page in wordpress now. you can also read in details in wordpress page sections.

Happy blogging!!!

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