6. Post in WordPress

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This tutorial will guide you about Post in WordPress. In order to understand how to write post and How it is used. lets first understand what is Post.


Manage Post

As you can see from above screenshot Posts is our first menu in wordpress dashboard which contain all post of your blog. Post can be understand as a single story of any newspaper. Every single news is called as post in wordpress so if we say post any where in these tutorials you should always remember a single news of news papers. Posts is divided in sub menu called

  • All Post : this will show you all post of your blog
  • Add New: You can create new post from this menu option
  • Categories: Categories is a way to organize your post in a structured manner. In simple word it can be understand as dividing news story in categories like Sports, World,Political news etc.
  • Tags: Tags is way to refer a single word in multiple story. Sports news can be added as National or International.

How to Create Post

A post can be created by clicking on Add New button from Post Sub Menu. it open a new panel as shown in below screenshot. This Panel contains various sections for different purpose. The First textbox is used to specify the Title of your Post or story for Example for this post you can see that Post in wordpress is title which is same like Heading of your story. Just below it we have permalink.

Post in wordpress


Permalink is url which we want to show in address bar. It can be different from the title if we require.

Just below that there is large panel which is used to write your content. it has two different mode.

  • Visual Mode : visual mode is used to create content in visual mode. it is a WYSIWYG editor instead of html.
  • HTML Mode : this mode is for advance users where they can apply custom style and html.
You can apply various options using the toolbar which is just above the editor like microsoft word.
After writing the content. we have various options which is related to post publish setttings. you can publish your post using the publish button available in right panel.
I hope you have learned how to create post in wordpress now. you can also read details at wordpress writing post sections
Happy blogging!!!


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